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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 20 - A small PSE8 accomplishment

I'm finally starting to wrap my head around Photoshop Elements 8!  Yay!  I was feeling really lazy this morning and needed to get my kitchen and dining room cleaned up after last evening's party.  Instead, I got chatting with an old and dear friend who gave me all kinds of ideas about photography - the most important message being that I should start signing all my photographs.  I have to admit, I had been thinking on those lines for a while myself, but I was too apprehensive of giving it another shot after the last failed attempt.  But I heeded the advice and decided to try doing it again - and bam!  There it was - one minor conquest!

So, now my photos (not that they are all pieces of profound art) will be signed. ;-)  I also learned to apply some minor edits to the photos while still in PSE8.  I hope to cover that realm slowly but surely.

I didn't have too much energy for photos, but I had to do something.  I had bought this pack of drinking straws on Friday, and while waiting for the bus (which I spoke about 2 posts ago), I suddenly saw the pattern through the straws.  It looked like a kaleidoscope and I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it.  But since it would require the use of a tripod, and I don't have mine with me right now, I thought I'd be a little less ambitious and try something really plain.  And it turned out plain alright.

I cleared up a bit of space on my glass-topped table, and tried to get the reflections of the packet of straws.  However, there were too many distractions and shadows and I was dealing with really low light conditions since it was grey and snowy outside my window and I only used natural light for this series.

Here are the four best ones (out of about ten):

Regular shot, with my 18-55 mm kit lens

This was shot using the C-PL which cut out the reflections you can see in the shot above.

This had the polarizing effect turned off on the filter.  I wanted to test how the reflection of the pack of straws would look with or without the C-PL.  Turns out there was a fair amount of glare and other distractions in the reflecting image.  You can also see the glare from the background. 

This had the C-PL turned on - less reflections.  The glare in the background is much lesser on this one because the C-PL always brings down the exposure a couple of stops, eliminating the glare.

I am now pretty much sold on the polarizer being a really neat tool to have indoors as well, when shooting reflecting objects. 

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