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I should have started this blog many moons ago as I started experiencing the joys of rediscovering the art of photography. But as the saying goes - it's better late, than never!
So, here I am, in the hopes of recording what I learn as I progress from ignorance to enlightenment; about what my eyes can see that my camera can capture; and, what my mind imagines and my camera paints with its capabilities.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 350 - YESSSS!

15 more posts to go and I'm done my 365 project!  Wow, I can't believe I'm almost there.  I'm just forging ahead despite the eye infection that's been giving me grief for the past 3 days now.

I willed myself to step out on the balcony and take a couple of shots.  Since my eyes are really sensitive to light right now, I've been wearing my sunglasses all the time and that obviously threw the exposure off a little bit.  I shot with the aid of the histogram, but didn't like the exposure later, so I just changed it to B&W.  I can't sit in front of the computer for too long since it's hurting my eyes quite a bit, therefore, did the fastest ever post-processing I've ever done before. I'm throwing nothing away!


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  1. sorry to hear about your eyes. i hope it gets better and you'll feel better!!! although i haven't seen the colored one, i am glad you converted it in black and white. it gives more detail.