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I should have started this blog many moons ago as I started experiencing the joys of rediscovering the art of photography. But as the saying goes - it's better late, than never!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 311 - The Goose Migration

The geese are back.. by the hundreds!  I heard them cackling when the howling wind decided to bring down its volume a couple of notches.

What I love to see is the formations they get into, and the way they keep that formation over huge distances - not a bird out of place.  It's like they are all tied together by some invisible rope.  This reminds me of when little kids go on outings from daycare and they all have to hold a rope so they stay in line and together.

Amazing birds!  Who taught them this?


Each of these pictures is of a different flock, but look at the amazing flight path!



These shots shouldn't really be posted, but since I was completely uninspired this evening, and the weather didn't help with the high winds and freezing temperatures, I didn't have any other option but to do some PJ type of shots.


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