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Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 202 - Week of Lights - T for Tired!

Thanks to those who visited my blog recently and started following my ramblings.  I hope to keep this interesting and informative with all my quirky experiments with different things.  Please feel free to comment and give me feedback, so I can keep improving.

I have decided on the theme of the week and I think I'll try to keep this theme (of themes) going on for as long as I can do it.   As you've already gauged from the title, the theme is Lights for this week - yes the iPod app I used on the marble yesterday.  

And yes, I truly am tired.  Went shopping after work and was stuck in traffic for over an hour.  

I used Tic Tac (and in case you're wondering, I ate them all once I finished with my shoot) and put them on the white foam core board I have.  

What started off as this (grayish because of the fluorescent lighting despite the CWB):

Turned into this:

And then, this:
... with the lights out.

If you look carefully, the blue image has quite a bit of vignetting (dark edges), but the bottom one doesn't have as much.  That's because, the light from the iPod (I was holding it steady just above the tic-tacs) in the blue image falls off pretty close to the subject.  

However, noticing the dark edges, I tried to eliminate that by moving the light around to the corners as much as possible, without throwing the "T" into too much shade.  And by moving, I mean literally moving the light all over the subject while the shutter was open, like I'm painting the subject with the light. 

Upon reviewing, I found that the pink one still had quite a bit of dark edge in the top left corner, whereas the bottom right corner was pretty well lit.  

I guess I will have to work on this again soon.  The small source of light is the reason this is happening.  I might try keeping the overhead light on the next time around, and see what results it yields.

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