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Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 219 - Party time

We had a team celebration at work today.  There was great food and beer and wine to celebrate our success with a project we had been working on.

I brought my camera to the office, but when I had looked at the lighting situation yesterday, I knew I would have a huge challenge with the overhead recessed lighting, the very low ceiling that wasn't even white and then a couple of fluorescent lights near the sink; and then my flash, because I would definitely need to use my flash!  Well, the spelling of disaster became clearer as I kept getting shot after shot of crazy orange and green lights, despite the CWB.  

I hadn't bothered with my YN460 flash as I knew it wasn't powerful enough to light the entire venue, and I couldn't put it on camera because I had been warned not to.   I would have done it still, but the consideration that I wouldn't want to fry my camera's circuit just before going on a trip, stopped me cold.

I tried playing with a little bit later, once I more or less got all the shots I could possibly get, but as I have maintained, I wasn't able to squeeze out enough light (this is a perpetual problem) by bouncing it off the ceiling.  This was the first time I felt frustrated enough to simply want to pitch it into the trash can!  But anyway, I need to have a little bit more patience so I can use it for my experiments at home, at least.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't like to post any of the photos here of the people at the party, so I decided to post a shot of a plate of food someone left lying around.

55 mm, f/8, 1/30s, ISO 400

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