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I should have started this blog many moons ago as I started experiencing the joys of rediscovering the art of photography. But as the saying goes - it's better late, than never!
So, here I am, in the hopes of recording what I learn as I progress from ignorance to enlightenment; about what my eyes can see that my camera can capture; and, what my mind imagines and my camera paints with its capabilities.

Please feel free to add any comments and share your wisdom (tips or tricks) that you have picked up along the way.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 84 - Planters

I was waiting for the rains to revive the flowers a little bit and found this one looking really fresh and perked up.  It had been a pretty gloomy day, but patches of sunshine peeked through towards the late evening.  These photos are from another exploration of the riverside, but this was in a different section of the island, and also unfrequented by people.  Very beautiful and very peaceful - I can see myself going back there again soon.

This last one was flashed at -2 stops to freeze the branch swaying vigourously in the wind, as well as to lighten up the really dark part of the tree I found this sprig in.  

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