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Monday, February 22, 2010

To polarize or not to polarize

I'm doing a lot of experimentation with the C-PL right now and I wanted to post just two shots of what I found about reflections on indoor objects, both under natural (details in my earlier post of yesterday) or artificial light (under tungsten).  I took a shot of this hand-painted plate first without the C-PL and the next with it.

I shot both at ISO 200, f8, 2.5s.  The first one @100 mm and the second one @96 mm (don't remember why I changed that all of a sudden, but it's not much of a difference anyway).

Here are my findings:

The one above is without the C-PL.  Notice the colours, and especially the washed-out effect on the bottom edge of the plate.  It almost has a glare.

This second one is with the C-PL on.  I think the colours are much richer and practically no glare since there are no reflections.  And honestly, this is closest to the original colours of the plate.  I find the saturation pretty appealing.

My finding of the day, therefore is the C-PL must be great for the outdoors (since that's the main reason I got it in the first place after my disappointments at the Old Port recently), but I'm finding that it could be a good tool to use indoors as well when the lights aren't ideal.

Would love to hear back from the others about what your thoughts are on this.  I am right now in R&D mode and will keep experimenting to push the boundaries.  

Happy clicking!

P.S. I'm planning to start a Photo 365.  Any tips are greatly welcome. :-)

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