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Thursday, February 18, 2010

More reflections in a water droplet

Since my latest obsession is with reflections in a water droplet, I thought I'd try to reflect something else other than the foliage the water droplet is hanging from.  So, I had a brainwave and I decided to use my silk plant and try to catch it's reflections in the drops of water.  What I still can't manage to do (and it has nothing to do with photography) is to be able to get two or three droplets suspended from the same stem in a row.  Can someone teach me a spraying technique, please?

Ok, so here are the results from the evening's efforts, and amazingly it didn't cost me too much time or effort since I was using the zoom lens.  The results were pretty satisfactory.  I just applied a crop to some of the shots and there is absolutely no other post-processing.

My little african violet plant being reflected.  I realized that the disparity in the heights of the two plants created a really small reflection of the plant in the droplet.

My silk plant with its flowers plus part of a leaf from this plant

Managed to get some droplets hanging from the leaf above

Just cropped the photo to get up close and personal with the single reflective drop suspended from this leaf.

This one reflects both the plants pretty well.

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